Are flexible Galapagos hotel land-based travel packages which allow you to explore the Galapagos.

With this travel modality, you can have a close-up to wildlife, enjoy active itineraries and look forward to friendly encounters with local culture. Galapagos Land based tours are flexible enough to start any day of the week. 

Galapagos Island hopping tours are divided into three modalities:


Standard Classic tours

Include our Magic of Isabela and Oceano Galapagos.


Specialized Tours

Include Multi-sport Adventure Tour and Galapagos Diving Experience.

8-Day Magic of Isabela

Other Modality Tours

Include Galapagos Navigations Experience & Galapagos Los Tuneles Tour.

Galapagos Hotel-Based Tours

As part of the SAN VICENTE HOTELS GROUP, La Laguna Galapagos Hotel provides many Galapagos land based tours.

For some programs we use our own hotels in Galapagos such us:


La Laguna Galapagos Hotel

(Tourist Superior Class)


San Vicente Galapagos Hotel 

(Tourist Class)


Hostal Villamil Galapagos

(Economic Class)

We use local services in all of our packages: local guides, alternative hotels, transportation, and local speed boats in order to contribute to sustainable tourism and preserve the environment and economy of Isabela Island.