Oceano Galapagos

The Oceano Galapagos Travel Tour programs allow you to fully explore the Galapagos within the possibilities of a hotel-based trip. The Oceano Itinerary includes a full-day excursion to one more island aside from San Cristobal Island (8-day program), Santa Cruz and Isabela.

The best part of Oceano Tour Packages is that they allow the possibility to choose the number of total islands that you would like to visit, the categories of hotels you would like to stay in, and even the number of days for your vacation.

Oceano program is one of the most sought after packages among Galapagos Islands tours because it is fully customizable.

Some common activities of the Oceano program include snorkeling, short hikes, wildlife viewing, navigating etc. We take people of different age groups in our tour, right from the children above three years old to those who are in their 60’s.

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